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  1. Ursula Buckman

    My brother shot bullets at me and i wokin and I dogs ask av tam

  2. pokemon kingdom

    1 fact about SCP 096 he is very dosil unless u see his face he will kill u no matter what by the way he is caged and he is invinceble

  3. Karissa Baker


  4. Riahlyn Pulido

    What name is that gme

  5. widya shidhar

    Dhege Efggshbevfgm

  6. george brown

    Did you say swecther

  7. Tebarek Debiso

    I need a marriage but I'm smart that is too big for me how do I go grow up so I can get it OK

  8. Wajiha Nadeem

    My ears!

  9. janet farley


  10. YaBoi Alex

    3:24 im the phillipines and also that filipino dish is called taho

  11. Simarjeet S

    That girl is so bad

  12. Ronnie Manalo


  13. Timmy Drennen

    i won Poop

  14. Henri Morgan

    I LOVE 🐈!!!!!!

  15. Kizzy Williams

    I have a panda I only have 2 pandas I swear I can give you one only one k

  16. Cassandra Robinson

    Damn they can all bend and move

  17. For its Ali

    5:54 glitch idk if for u guys

  18. Leozzames Q yambot


  19. Leozzames Q yambot


  20. SCP 096


  21. Jon Valino

    And also, I have already a Monster Legends. It's so cool! That game has a copy called Dragon City. So witch one you like?

  22. UR TRASH

    What was that drink?

  23. Ferndog 007


  24. Leozzames Q yambot

    Go like to infinity

  25. N I K K I

    I have seen doctor who!!😁

  26. Wyatt Neace

    0:17 that was Finn! That was Finn!

  27. Jianfeng Yang

    I did not say how, but I laughed at your action to the vids

  28. richard mori

    the thing with wings and a sword is cald vex

  29. SCP 096


  30. Jon Valino

    At 0:00 I didn't spook to you but I spook to the sound effect.

  31. Gamer EPIC Journey

    Is asteroid

  32. Shreeja Swikriti Sahoo

    Fact: It's recommended after 4 years

  33. KyeM Gaming

    your cheating mate

  34. Jaden Lineton


  35. Jolly Olly 2014

    this gg big time gg big time

  36. Samruddhi Mandape

    cadbury coated oreas aren't rare coz i am in dubai and i eat them a lot!! but ya it might be rare there so...

  37. April Bradley

    I would get him with a shot gun! And stab him and like attack on titan Right what I do!😎

  38. Swapnita Zahan

    Make gta 5 3 am part 2 pls It has 50k likes now

  39. Ruben Garcia Salinas

    I don’t believe this is a scam😡😡

  40. Natalie Febey

    Long horse is friendly don’t have to be scared he’s nice he’s good boy good boy long horse is a nice boy

  41. chase creekmur

    nice bruh

  42. P&D GAMING

    I'm part of the reaction Squad

  43. tresor mmamba

    you don't no monky king

  44. Cassandra Robinson

    Caylus: ow I hit my knee! Me: well yeah I heard a bang Seeing long horse Long horse : I’m a good boi. Me :oh I Definitely believe y’all Nine hundred hours later Cartoon cat:I see ya all Cartoon dog:you now about all my bones Me: sorry to interrupt but you look like Spaghetti and bend like rubber

  45. Syaifullah Mahidin

    I won i only have 5 lives yes

  46. ezani abdullah

    All the video fake cuz siren head don't exited

  47. Roblox or Fortnite or Minecraft Mitchell Cabus

    Well the super powers

  48. Trånquil

    Did all!

  49. DEVILON Xx


  50. SCP 096

    I like your vids

  51. Gabe Harr

    The thumbnail Caylus: a ghost showed up in my selfie Me: that is one good plastic surgery.

  52. Kizzy Williams

    I have one life bro the fox was sooooooooo cute 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  53. Galaxygod2001

    When caylus screamed when he said next up carrot cake Oreo Keira got mad then caylus screamed like it sounded like the intro from a dc movie LOL

  54. Noah Roelofs

    Why is there fort nite on one of your monitors

  55. Jon Valino

    At 1:22 Caylo: "lady with a white dress" Me: bruh you almost say White lady...

  56. Eleanor Geraghty


  57. Carlos Rodriguez


  58. Carlos Rodriguez

    oh happeninh

  59. Miniman I like Godzilla

    Caylus sounds funny when he talks Spanish

  60. Jolly Olly 2014

    im scerd

  61. Juliet Cassadore


    1. Juliet Cassadore


    2. Juliet Cassadore


    3. Juliet Cassadore


    4. Juliet Cassadore

      YOU R SUS

    5. Juliet Cassadore


  62. Jeff Dejaresco

    That's long horse

  63. Carina Buena


  64. iiNarut0_Sxmp bish


  65. seelantra

    No more. Infenite

  66. Carlos Rodriguez

    the coin one is 1 in a million percent chance

  67. minty ice


  68. hakkı akman

    İts great. I love it.😍😍😍😍😍

  69. Easton Findlay

    I have two dogs

  70. Easton Findlay

    It should actually be called dogs saving living beings

  71. Kaleah Catz

    My crush hates me because of something i said too

  72. Jeff Dejaresco

    That's cartoon cat

  73. Leslie Megenhardt

    I love flash so I wont to be fast

  74. Kirk Stanley CLIMACO

    i still have 5 lives caylus

  75. Rachel Goodman

    i had 5 lives the entire time and im not lieing

  76. Sanjay Kumar

    5:00 it's a science fact basically

  77. April Bradley

    In my mind I'm totally dead😂

  78. Jason Rilogio


  79. Jason Rilogio

    GET A DOGO 😛😍

  80. minty ice

    Caylus chu say shi*